Hire house cleaning during travelling week

Whether you are traveling for a week or more than a week, you have to make provisions to keep your house in good shape by the time you return. There is nothing worse than coming back from a journey, all tired and jet lagged and still having to clean your house because it had gathered dust and become dirty during while you were away. In this case, it is advisable to employ the services of house cleaning agencies and most preferably the local ones. This would make cleaning your house easier as your house would be within a reasonable distance. However, there are some things to look out for before hiring a house cleaning service. Just hiring one without following a proper vetting process can be risky. Some of the things to do before hiring local housekeeping services are:

  • Ask your neighbours for referrals: Ask your neighbours to refer some local cleaning agencies that they might have worked with in the past. You can ask neighbours that you are entirely certain would not refer a half-baked cleaning agency to you. This way, you can hire a reliable one based on reviews that you might have gotten from them. If your neighbours can’t recommend one to you, you can try checking local newspapers for local cleaning services available or even check online. To have an idea of how their services would be like, you can either ask for references or call all the references provided (for individuals) or check the reviews they have gotten on their website (for cleaning agencies). Whatever you do, it is important to hire a cleaning agency that is licensed, insured and bonded. You can decide whether to employ an individual or a cleaning agency.
  • Conduct a thorough interview process: This is very important especially if you are employing an individual. It is during this process that you get to list all your specifications and find out if the person is up to the task. There are some questions you should ask during this interview process. Some of them are:
  • What are your rates for cleaning?
  • Do you work alone or with other people?
  • Are you willing to provide additional services in every clean?
  • What cleaning products or equipments do you use?

If it is a cleaning agency, you should ask questions about the cleaners that would be posted to your home find out about their security measures in place and how often they would be coming to clean.

It is important to establish all these things before the person or agency starts working. If you have special cleaning products you would want to use, you can also mention it.

  • Have realistic expectations: The cleaning agency or individual you would be hiring should have a clear cut idea of whatever service you would want. It is not reasonable to just expect them to know and do all the things you want if they are not properly stated and listed out.

After finding the perfect cleaning agency, you can rest assured that your house would be well taken care of during your travel.


Uzbekistan’s Passion For Carpets & Rugs

Traveling on the weekend while waiting for the house to puke out all of the cleaning-related fumes had never been this interesting. It must have been that feature about Uzbekistan from the DW Documentary channel on YouTube that gets you thinking of buying new carpets and learning new ways to clean your surroundings. Getting new ideas for your next traveling expedition helps you rediscover other parts of the world in a different light.

There is a good reason why some travel expeditions are good for 2 nights. Because some cleaning agents used in your house might be dangerous to inhale. Not that they never guaranteed the safety of their cleaning products. It’s still better safe than sorry. You have your health to take care of and they have house cleaning tasks to accomplish. If you can meet halfway about how to handle this part of household maintenance, make sure that you still get a good deal out of it. Whether that is for carpets, rugs or your standard floor cleaning.

Anyway, getting an idea about the souvenirs to buy just hours before leaving Uzbekistan helps whenever the documentary starts showing the way the carpets are weaved. Only high-quality silk threads are used to ensure the durability of the carpet to be created without compromising the softness and suppleness that it should possess. Also, watching the weaving process itself is a wonder. Good thing the woman even managed to slow down the process with her thread just to show the audience the way fibers are intertwined to thicken the carpet.

The artistry that comes with weaving these items is complemented by the artwork displayed on the documentary. Young men who discovered early in life their inclination towards the visual arts managed to apply their passions on the drafts of carpet designs drawn on paper. They become part of the family business as artisans while other members of the family take charge of the weaving and the finishing. Soon, the carpets are ready to be sold and shipped out of the country.

If ever there is any part of the trip to remind you of the finishing touches of the cleanup back home, it’s the sight of elderly women sweeping the streets once the sun is up. Walking around the capital city of Tashkent, seeing women with their stick brooms sweep even the dust that comes with the stuff gives you an idea of better techniques to sweep the floor on your own once you get back at home.

Having a rug cleaning scheduled around the time of your out-of-town trip is best done with a company that you can entrust your home with. Not everyone can be entrusted to simply clean the house while its inhabitants are away if you don’t trust them enough. Reliability is still key. 


New Plays to Stir Up the The San Diego County Theater Scene

The theater entertainment scene is alive and well in San Diego County. The 2018-19 La Jolla Playhouse season has finally been announced, the San Diego Union-Tribute reports. A lineup that includes a series of world premieres that occurs at the same time as its West Coast counterpart, it is set to take this side of California up and about.

A season that kicked off a week ago with its local premiere of the critically-acclaimed “Hand to God” by Robert Askins, it also includes the highly anticipated return of a work by Will Power of “The Seven” fame.

Playhouse artistic director Christopher Ashley sees a season that features mostly new productions. “really fun and satisfying” for the crew the way envisioned despite the fact that there is a possibility of doing another revival. Except not for this season.

Ashley told the San Diego Union-Tribune, “I’ve always loved working on new plays and musicals. And one of the things that have happened at the Playhouse is we’ve built up more and more muscle and programs and skill sets around developing new work.” The enthusiasm and optimism that comes with it must have come from the directing duties Ashley is currently handling to get the final pre-Broadway stop of “Escape to Margaritaville” functioning as expected. The Jimmy Buffet musical debuted at the La Jolla Playhouse and is now getting prepped up for the big league.

La Jolla is becoming a viable source of new plays and musicals that the Big Apple might soon be hosting. Works like “Junk”, “Latin History for Morons” and “Come From Away” are getting their much-awaited Broadway previews early in 2018. Winning a Tony for “Come From Away” served as the ultimate momentum booster for Ashley. “It’s been exciting to watch La Jolla Playhouse audiences and San Diego audiences invest in the life of those shows.”

A rundown of the anticipated productions are as follows:

The Squirrels

A new production written by Askins, Ashley is set to direct this morality fable that sets to unleash the animal in each character in a way that presents the worst that individuals can do when faced with mistrust-based tension. A work that Ashley refers to as “playful and super-funny and unexpected in every possible way,” he views the humane aspect of the story that “you would recognize lots of things in this cultural moment.”

Seize The King

A “reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Richard III”, it presents a king-less conundrum coupled with Richard’s paranoia presented with “heightened language, with contemporary costumes and settings,” according to Ashley. But it will be clear that most of the events will be sparked by a dying king with heirs too young to take the throne. Written by Will Power, directorial duties will be assumed by Jaime Castaneda.

The Year to Come

This is one production whose director has yet to be announced. But it sets a promising plotline based on a series of events unfolding backward to explain the earlier scenes presented – the year 2017 to 2000 to be exact. Written by Lindsey Ferrentino, she comes off from the success of her previous work “Ugly Lies The Bone”.


Written by Martyna Majok, it relates a slice-of-life story about an immigrant finding her footing in her new apartment. With her questions about to be answered by a visitor that will remind her new landlord of supposedly repressed memories, it is set to present a story in Queens, New York to be unveiled at the La Jolla Playhouse.

The last play might have a stroke a chord in several individuals that hope to get some individuals to reconsider their plans to move to the San Diego County itself. One that will trigger enough emotions for them to move into an apartment around the area. It doesn’t have to be stressful with quality moving services available online. And it all starts with getting in touch with and see which moving packages work for you.

Moving interstate does not have to be stressful. The thrill and excitement that comes with getting welcomed in an interesting environment help in setting the tone for your next expedition. Having highly anticipated productions from La Jolla Playhouse would definitely get theater professionals of considering setting foot right in one of the most creative environments this side of the San Diego County.



There are plenty of ways in expressing art. It could be quite difficult sometimes and it badly needs hard work, practice, effort, and focus. For professional artists, indulging with art is a combination of job and passion at the same time. This is the reason why they do not really get stressed that much because they love the job that they have.

Becoming a great artist has a lot of prerequisites. Many artists believe that their level of becoming a great artist is in the brand of paint that they have, or maybe in the quality of the canvass or paper that they own. Many artists believe as well that their output depends on the brush that they have, or maybe at the environment that they are in.


But what many artists did not know is the notion that becoming great in your chosen field is not based on the materials that you have. It is not based on the kind of water that you have or in the kind of sink that you have in your art studio whether it is broken or is it done by San Diego Plumbing. Becoming an artist is not even dependent on the brush size or in the kind of paper that you have.

So to give you an idea, here are some of the things that an artist should learn and should have internally:


Art, Artist

Motivation is something that you cannot get in an instant. However, when you come to think of it, you should keep in mind at all times that there should be something about the art work that you are trying to make. As an artist, it is forbidden to make art just for art sake. Making art should be done because of some important things. Making art should be done for something. Then maybe you could ask yourself as artist then. “FOR WHOM IS THIS ART THAT I AM MAKING?”



Art, Artist

Inspiration is a very important factor in making art. As an artist, there is always a story behind every output. There is always a story behind every painting, every sculpture, every drawing, and every output no matter in what form is it done. Inspiration is the reason behind every completion and every success why your art has been done. Inspiration is something that artists do not just choose. It takes a lot of thinking just to realize and to come up of an inspiration. This inspiration will become a story to tell in every picture of the canvass that you want to share with the people who are looking at your art work. You will see that in every painting or any other forms of art that you do, you are not the one who made this art from inspiration. You will realize that your art work is the one that inspires other people.



Art, Artist

Focus is a thing that only a very few people are privileged with. However, if you really want to pursue your career, passion, or hobby in being an artist, there is a recipe of focus in order to achieve the kind of art that you want to have. There are some artists who really hate painting or making an art work whenever there are people who are glaring at them while they do their work. Sometimes, artists would even make their paintings or sculptures, or drawings at night in order to focus well without the existence of other human beings who would disturb them by asking a lot of questions while they are working in progress. But in order to practice having a concentration despite the existence of other people, it would be a good practice as a ground for having focus by working in crowded places. It is also helpful to join in live sketching so that you would be accustomed to the idea of having other people around even if you are currently working with your art work.

Hard work

Hard work is one of the most important things that an artist should have. Being an artist is not an easy thing to deal with. It is not just a simple hobby or passion that you would stop working with whenever you feel that it is not getting in any progress at all. Just keep in mind at all times whenever you feel this way that there is no artist that was born as a professional. Every professional artist has undergone in being an amateur. Being a great artist will never be true by just practicing in a blank canvass. So always keep practicing in order to see how crappy your works have been before. Each passing day, as you practice making an art work, you would always surely develop. You will be amazed in no time about the progress that you will see as you hover on your sketch pad and see the difference of what you have done from a year ago and from what you can see in your sketch pad as of today.


Art, Artist

As an artist, it is important to have a constant practice which means that working hard is a prerequisite as well. So become an artist who will do everything not to outgrow other artists; but practice in order to develop your skills and hone your talent. The world of art is not a competition among other artists. The world of art is a competition between you and yourself alone. Strive hard in order to develop as an artist. Strive hard in order to become a better artist. Strive hard in order for you to say one day that “Yes, I have made it.”


These may be quite a few things but these are not only applicable for artists who are using their form of art as a form of job or work as well. These are the things that every person should have regardless of what is their field or what is their job. Everything that people do is a matter of knowing the above mentioned things. This is the list of the most important things that almost every one of us tends to forget. However, every once in a while, we should remember to have these things in order to become successful in the field that we are in.



There are a lot of different kinds of artist in the world of art. As an artist, it is not just defined by one field only. There are plenty of art forms that an artist or a simple human being can be good at. There are quite a lot of confusion sometimes most especially when people think that an artist is only defined as a painter, or someone who is only good at making some paintings.

Here is a list of distinctions of the various artists in different fields of art:

1. Visual Arts

Arts, Artists

Visual arts is one of the most common forms of art as of today. This kind of art includes the art for photography. Taking some pictures is kind of rampant nowadays especially with the existence of digital camera, smart phone cameras, and point and shoot cameras. Most of the time, people can become a photographer and an artist whenever and wherever. However, of course, there are also a lot of basic principles when it comes to the field of photography. Some photography artists are into street photography, some are into human photography, while others are into urban photography.


2. Music Arts

Arts, Artists

Music arts is a kind of art that everyone would surely love. People would love to hear some music. Music arts is a field of musicians who play different musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards, drums, violin, cello, and many other musical instruments out there. Furthermore, singers are also taken into consideration as a music artist because of their voice that can serenade or rock the world.


3. Dance Arts

Arts, Artists

Dance Arts is a kind of art that entertains a lot of people. However, there are different kinds of genre in dancing. There are dance artists who are good in hiphop, contemporary dancing, ballet, theatrical dance, and many more other forms of dancing. Dancing is an expression of very music. So every beat and rhythm of the song is equivalent to every creative of a dance artist. Dance arts can be done individually, in pair or team, and even in big groups as well.


4. Creative and Fine Arts

Arts, Artists

Creative and fine arts is the most main stream kind of art since it is famous and kind of difficult to do. Everyone can sing or dance, but not everyone can do the difficult tasks of a creative and fine arts artist. This kind of art includes the art for sculpting, painting, crafting, drawing, and print making. This form of art needs quite a lot of attention, focus, and imagination to come up with a wonderful and creative art work.


5. Theatre Arts

Arts, Artists

Theatre arts is one of the subgenres of performance arts. Theatre arts focus and evolve in the field of theatrical plays or theatrical musicals. It is about acting and impersonating the role that is assigned to a theatrical artist. Theatrical arts can be quite difficult because it needs a good role playing in terms of speaking or singing. Every theatrical artist needs to portray their character in a very convincing manner that would make the people believe in the story.