There are a lot of different kinds of artist in the world of art. As an artist, it is not just defined by one field only. There are plenty of art forms that an artist or a simple human being can be good at. There are quite a lot of confusion sometimes most especially when people think that an artist is only defined as a painter, or someone who is only good at making some paintings.

Here is a list of distinctions of the various artists in different fields of art:

1. Visual Arts

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Visual arts is one of the most common forms of art as of today. This kind of art includes the art for photography. Taking some pictures is kind of rampant nowadays especially with the existence of digital camera, smart phone cameras, and point and shoot cameras. Most of the time, people can become a photographer and an artist whenever and wherever. However, of course, there are also a lot of basic principles when it comes to the field of photography. Some photography artists are into street photography, some are into human photography, while others are into urban photography.


2. Music Arts

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Music arts is a kind of art that everyone would surely love. People would love to hear some music. Music arts is a field of musicians who play different musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards, drums, violin, cello, and many other musical instruments out there. Furthermore, singers are also taken into consideration as a music artist because of their voice that can serenade or rock the world.


3. Dance Arts

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Dance Arts is a kind of art that entertains a lot of people. However, there are different kinds of genre in dancing. There are dance artists who are good in hiphop, contemporary dancing, ballet, theatrical dance, and many more other forms of dancing. Dancing is an expression of very music. So every beat and rhythm of the song is equivalent to every creative of a dance artist. Dance arts can be done individually, in pair or team, and even in big groups as well.


4. Creative and Fine Arts

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Creative and fine arts is the most main stream kind of art since it is famous and kind of difficult to do. Everyone can sing or dance, but not everyone can do the difficult tasks of a creative and fine arts artist. This kind of art includes the art for sculpting, painting, crafting, drawing, and print making. This form of art needs quite a lot of attention, focus, and imagination to come up with a wonderful and creative art work.


5. Theatre Arts

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Theatre arts is one of the subgenres of performance arts. Theatre arts focus and evolve in the field of theatrical plays or theatrical musicals. It is about acting and impersonating the role that is assigned to a theatrical artist. Theatrical arts can be quite difficult because it needs a good role playing in terms of speaking or singing. Every theatrical artist needs to portray their character in a very convincing manner that would make the people believe in the story.

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