Uzbekistan’s Passion For Carpets & Rugs

Traveling on the weekend while waiting for the house to puke out all of the cleaning-related fumes had never been this interesting. It must have been that feature about Uzbekistan from the DW Documentary channel on YouTube that gets you thinking of buying new carpets and learning new ways to clean your surroundings. Getting new ideas for your next traveling expedition helps you rediscover other parts of the world in a different light.

There is a good reason why some travel expeditions are good for 2 nights. Because some cleaning agents used in your house might be dangerous to inhale. Not that they never guaranteed the safety of their cleaning products. It’s still better safe than sorry. You have your health to take care of and they have house cleaning tasks to accomplish. If you can meet halfway about how to handle this part of household maintenance, make sure that you still get a good deal out of it. Whether that is for carpets, rugs or your standard floor cleaning.

Anyway, getting an idea about the souvenirs to buy just hours before leaving Uzbekistan helps whenever the documentary starts showing the way the carpets are weaved. Only high-quality silk threads are used to ensure the durability of the carpet to be created without compromising the softness and suppleness that it should possess. Also, watching the weaving process itself is a wonder. Good thing the woman even managed to slow down the process with her thread just to show the audience the way fibers are intertwined to thicken the carpet.

The artistry that comes with weaving these items is complemented by the artwork displayed on the documentary. Young men who discovered early in life their inclination towards the visual arts managed to apply their passions on the drafts of carpet designs drawn on paper. They become part of the family business as artisans while other members of the family take charge of the weaving and the finishing. Soon, the carpets are ready to be sold and shipped out of the country.

If ever there is any part of the trip to remind you of the finishing touches of the cleanup back home, it’s the sight of elderly women sweeping the streets once the sun is up. Walking around the capital city of Tashkent, seeing women with their stick brooms sweep even the dust that comes with the stuff gives you an idea of better techniques to sweep the floor on your own once you get back at home.

Having a rug cleaning scheduled around the time of your out-of-town trip is best done with a company that you can entrust your home with. Not everyone can be entrusted to simply clean the house while its inhabitants are away if you don’t trust them enough. Reliability is still key. 

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