Hire house cleaning during travelling week

Whether you are traveling for a week or more than a week, you have to make provisions to keep your house in good shape by the time you return. There is nothing worse than coming back from a journey, all tired and jet lagged and still having to clean your house because it had gathered dust and become dirty during while you were away. In this case, it is advisable to employ the services of house cleaning agencies and most preferably the local ones. This would make cleaning your house easier as your house would be within a reasonable distance. However, there are some things to look out for before hiring a house cleaning service. Just hiring one without following a proper vetting process can be risky. Some of the things to do before hiring local housekeeping services are:

  • Ask your neighbours for referrals: Ask your neighbours to refer some local cleaning agencies that they might have worked with in the past. You can ask neighbours that you are entirely certain would not refer a half-baked cleaning agency to you. This way, you can hire a reliable one based on reviews that you might have gotten from them. If your neighbours can’t recommend one to you, you can try checking local newspapers for local cleaning services available or even check online. To have an idea of how their services would be like, you can either ask for references or call all the references provided (for individuals) or check the reviews they have gotten on their website (for cleaning agencies). Whatever you do, it is important to hire a cleaning agency that is licensed, insured and bonded. You can decide whether to employ an individual or a cleaning agency.
  • Conduct a thorough interview process: This is very important especially if you are employing an individual. It is during this process that you get to list all your specifications and find out if the person is up to the task. There are some questions you should ask during this interview process. Some of them are:
  • What are your rates for cleaning?
  • Do you work alone or with other people?
  • Are you willing to provide additional services in every clean?
  • What cleaning products or equipments do you use?

If it is a cleaning agency, you should ask questions about the cleaners that would be posted to your home find out about their security measures in place and how often they would be coming to clean.

It is important to establish all these things before the person or agency starts working. If you have special cleaning products you would want to use, you can also mention it.

  • Have realistic expectations: The cleaning agency or individual you would be hiring should have a clear cut idea of whatever service you would want. It is not reasonable to just expect them to know and do all the things you want if they are not properly stated and listed out.

After finding the perfect cleaning agency, you can rest assured that your house would be well taken care of during your travel.

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