There are plenty of ways in expressing art. It could be quite difficult sometimes and it badly needs hard work, practice, effort, and focus. For professional artists, indulging with art is a combination of job and passion at the same time. This is the reason why they do not really get stressed that much because they love the job that they have.

Becoming a great artist has a lot of prerequisites. Many artists believe that their level of becoming a great artist is in the brand of paint that they have, or maybe in the quality of the canvass or paper that they own. Many artists believe as well that their output depends on the brush that they have, or maybe at the environment that they are in.


But what many artists did not know is the notion that becoming great in your chosen field is not based on the materials that you have. It is not based on the kind of water that you have or in the kind of sink that you have in your art studio whether it is broken or is it done by San Diego Plumbing. Becoming an artist is not even dependent on the brush size or in the kind of paper that you have.

So to give you an idea, here are some of the things that an artist should learn and should have internally:


Art, Artist

Motivation is something that you cannot get in an instant. However, when you come to think of it, you should keep in mind at all times that there should be something about the art work that you are trying to make. As an artist, it is forbidden to make art just for art sake. Making art should be done because of some important things. Making art should be done for something. Then maybe you could ask yourself as artist then. “FOR WHOM IS THIS ART THAT I AM MAKING?”



Art, Artist

Inspiration is a very important factor in making art. As an artist, there is always a story behind every output. There is always a story behind every painting, every sculpture, every drawing, and every output no matter in what form is it done. Inspiration is the reason behind every completion and every success why your art has been done. Inspiration is something that artists do not just choose. It takes a lot of thinking just to realize and to come up of an inspiration. This inspiration will become a story to tell in every picture of the canvass that you want to share with the people who are looking at your art work. You will see that in every painting or any other forms of art that you do, you are not the one who made this art from inspiration. You will realize that your art work is the one that inspires other people.



Art, Artist

Focus is a thing that only a very few people are privileged with. However, if you really want to pursue your career, passion, or hobby in being an artist, there is a recipe of focus in order to achieve the kind of art that you want to have. There are some artists who really hate painting or making an art work whenever there are people who are glaring at them while they do their work. Sometimes, artists would even make their paintings or sculptures, or drawings at night in order to focus well without the existence of other human beings who would disturb them by asking a lot of questions while they are working in progress. But in order to practice having a concentration despite the existence of other people, it would be a good practice as a ground for having focus by working in crowded places. It is also helpful to join in live sketching so that you would be accustomed to the idea of having other people around even if you are currently working with your art work.

Hard work

Hard work is one of the most important things that an artist should have. Being an artist is not an easy thing to deal with. It is not just a simple hobby or passion that you would stop working with whenever you feel that it is not getting in any progress at all. Just keep in mind at all times whenever you feel this way that there is no artist that was born as a professional. Every professional artist has undergone in being an amateur. Being a great artist will never be true by just practicing in a blank canvass. So always keep practicing in order to see how crappy your works have been before. Each passing day, as you practice making an art work, you would always surely develop. You will be amazed in no time about the progress that you will see as you hover on your sketch pad and see the difference of what you have done from a year ago and from what you can see in your sketch pad as of today.


Art, Artist

As an artist, it is important to have a constant practice which means that working hard is a prerequisite as well. So become an artist who will do everything not to outgrow other artists; but practice in order to develop your skills and hone your talent. The world of art is not a competition among other artists. The world of art is a competition between you and yourself alone. Strive hard in order to develop as an artist. Strive hard in order to become a better artist. Strive hard in order for you to say one day that “Yes, I have made it.”


These may be quite a few things but these are not only applicable for artists who are using their form of art as a form of job or work as well. These are the things that every person should have regardless of what is their field or what is their job. Everything that people do is a matter of knowing the above mentioned things. This is the list of the most important things that almost every one of us tends to forget. However, every once in a while, we should remember to have these things in order to become successful in the field that we are in.