New Plays to Stir Up the The San Diego County Theater Scene

The theater entertainment scene is alive and well in San Diego County. The 2018-19 La Jolla Playhouse season has finally been announced, the San Diego Union-Tribute reports. A lineup that includes a series of world premieres that occurs at the same time as its West Coast counterpart, it is set to take this side of California up and about.

A season that kicked off a week ago with its local premiere of the critically-acclaimed “Hand to God” by Robert Askins, it also includes the highly anticipated return of a work by Will Power of “The Seven” fame.

Playhouse artistic director Christopher Ashley sees a season that features mostly new productions. “really fun and satisfying” for the crew the way envisioned despite the fact that there is a possibility of doing another revival. Except not for this season.

Ashley told the San Diego Union-Tribune, “I’ve always loved working on new plays and musicals. And one of the things that have happened at the Playhouse is we’ve built up more and more muscle and programs and skill sets around developing new work.” The enthusiasm and optimism that comes with it must have come from the directing duties Ashley is currently handling to get the final pre-Broadway stop of “Escape to Margaritaville” functioning as expected. The Jimmy Buffet musical debuted at the La Jolla Playhouse and is now getting prepped up for the big league.

La Jolla is becoming a viable source of new plays and musicals that the Big Apple might soon be hosting. Works like “Junk”, “Latin History for Morons” and “Come From Away” are getting their much-awaited Broadway previews early in 2018. Winning a Tony for “Come From Away” served as the ultimate momentum booster for Ashley. “It’s been exciting to watch La Jolla Playhouse audiences and San Diego audiences invest in the life of those shows.”

A rundown of the anticipated productions are as follows:

The Squirrels

A new production written by Askins, Ashley is set to direct this morality fable that sets to unleash the animal in each character in a way that presents the worst that individuals can do when faced with mistrust-based tension. A work that Ashley refers to as “playful and super-funny and unexpected in every possible way,” he views the humane aspect of the story that “you would recognize lots of things in this cultural moment.”

Seize The King

A “reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Richard III”, it presents a king-less conundrum coupled with Richard’s paranoia presented with “heightened language, with contemporary costumes and settings,” according to Ashley. But it will be clear that most of the events will be sparked by a dying king with heirs too young to take the throne. Written by Will Power, directorial duties will be assumed by Jaime Castaneda.

The Year to Come

This is one production whose director has yet to be announced. But it sets a promising plotline based on a series of events unfolding backward to explain the earlier scenes presented – the year 2017 to 2000 to be exact. Written by Lindsey Ferrentino, she comes off from the success of her previous work “Ugly Lies The Bone”.


Written by Martyna Majok, it relates a slice-of-life story about an immigrant finding her footing in her new apartment. With her questions about to be answered by a visitor that will remind her new landlord of supposedly repressed memories, it is set to present a story in Queens, New York to be unveiled at the La Jolla Playhouse.

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